Mājas lapa About Yoga
About Yoga Drukāt E-pasts
Yoga stands for “union” in Sanskrit. It unites the mind, the body and the soul with the Universe.

In order to develop spiritually, one has to achieve physical, intellectual and emotional harmony. Therefore, the central idea in yoga is the mind control. If we are able to direct and discipline our mind’s activity, then we can accomplish anything.
Yoga emphasises the power of positive thinking. Tired of modern pace of life people search for ways to reconcile with their true self. Stress, anxiety, illness, anger, misery can be turned into inner harmony, good health, openness, and love for life.
Yoga’s principles date back to the ancient Indian philosophy but are as relevant today as they were thousands of years ago. It is the oldest method of personal development in the world. Yoga doesn’t propagate one particular religion and therefore anyone can adapt its lifestyle and philosophy, regardless of religious belonging.
Deriving from ancient India, yoga has unquestionably taken in elements of Hinduism and Eastern worldview. Historically yoga was only taught to those who could prove complete devotion to one’s guru (teacher) and the teaching, those who abandoned the material life to practise asceticism. In our times we regard it as a great privilege to be familiar with the teachings that for thousands of years were preserved by the most diligent.
Technical performance of postures is important while practising, but keeping in mind the core yoga values is essential.
The system of yoga is diverse: there are many styles, schools, approaches and variations. Among the classical branches are Hatha yoga, Raja yoga, Karma yoga, Bhakti yoga and Jnana yoga. Each of them offers means of achieving completeness and harmony. Whatever style you choose, there is a single idea at the heart of the practice – the unification of an individual and universal consciousness.
It is said that the understanding of yoga only comes with practice. So we invite you to start your journey today and learn the basic principles of Hatha yoga at our studio. At our centre we teach yoga principles that are easy to rely to and to understand for modern people in the 21 century. At the same time, we try to preserve the traditions and support ancient beliefs with factual information.